Friday, September 26, 2008


After all this blustery "Country First," "Bi-partisan," "I'll be politically unpopular" rhetoric the McCain campiagn's been spouting, you'd think they'd stick to the story and put politics aside in their most recent announcement that he's going to debate:

The difference between Barack Obama and John McCain was apparent during the White House meeting yesterday, where Barack Obama’s priority was political posturing in his opening monologue defending the package as it stands. John McCain listened to all sides so he could help focus the debate on finding a bipartisan resolution that is in the interest of taxpayers and homeowners. The Democratic interests stood together in opposition to an agreement that would accommodate additional taxpayer protections.

Gee. Not partisan AT ALL. Glad to see McCain not only stood in the way of negotiations, but he's using this as yet another opportunity to blame Obama, blame Democrats (in reality, not the ones blocking the plan), and frame himself as the hero. It's really hard not be incredibly angry about this, but I'm trying.


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